The Electro-magnetic Field of the Human Heart

So, my last entry was about backbends being like medicine and vastly improving your mood and perspective.  Check out some scientific basis for this….

I recently listened to an incredibly interesting interview with Gregg Braden, an earth scientist/geophysicist/spiritual explorer.  This interview is part of a free podcast series available from Sounds True.  Towards the end of this interview, Braden presented the following two pieces of scientifically accepted information:

– the human heart is 100 times more electrically powerful than the human brain
– the human heart is 5000 times more magnetically powerful than the human brain

Wow.  All of us long ago accepted that the human brain functions on and radiates electrical and magnetic currents.  If we didn’t believe this, we wouldn’t perform, undergo, and put great faith in CT Scans, brain MRI’s and any other technology that hooks up electrodes to the head.  And now we’re discovering that the electrical production of the human heart is 100 times greater than that of the brain, and that the magnetic field produced by the human heart is 5000 times greater than that of the brain.  Which is to say, the heart is creating a force field of impressive potency.  This potency of this field gives it the ability to shift feelings both within the individual and outside of the individual as well.  As Braden says,

“When we feel the right kind of feeling, we’re actually generating a powerful field of electric and magnetic energy that extends beyond our heart, beyond our body, and into the world around us.”

Braden calls this right kind of feeling care and compassion.  I’ve been calling it “open-heartedness.”  Whatever you name it, it’s the feeling you create in your body when you get the tightness out of your shoulders and your upper- and mid-back and release your heart from lockdown.  The kind of feeling backbends engender; the kind of feeling that helps you leave your practice with a much brighter view of the world.  It’s a feeling, yes, but it appears that it’s more than that, it’s a current of energy that can shift your attitude.

But the real clincher is this – it’s not just your view of the world that is shifting.

“A heart-centered way of living is more than just a new-age metaphor….a heart-centered way of living literally, physically influences our physical environment.”

You shift yourself yes, and the others in your within your field yes, and also our collective physical environment?  Okay, that’s a lot of power.  Suddenly I feel a great responsibility to carry myself in alignment and to do the yoga I need to do.  I’m a walking, breathing force field with incredible potential.  I want to make sure I’m radiating what I want to contribute to my world.

More on this and its relationship to the cosmos in the next entry…..!


~ by bridgetannlyons on January 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Electro-magnetic Field of the Human Heart”

  1. Fender Musical Instruments…

    […]The Electro-magnetic Field of the Human Heart « bridgetlyonsyoga[…]…

  2. Great article. A very important truth. That magnetic center of us is also connected to the Earth’s magnetic field. Imagine what we can all do. Bless.

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