The Electromagnetic Heart, Part 2…

So I’m still going on this electro-magnetic heart idea.  Here’s the next level…(you might have to read the last entry to check in, sorry ‘bout that!  Or you can listen to the podcast that inspired these entries, an interview with Gregg Braden available at Sounds True.

From what I am gathering, it sounds like it’s commonly accepted in the scientific community that there is a powerful electromagnetic field at the center of the galaxy.  This was formerly considered to be a black hole, but recent discoveries have identified a star — a huge and powerful producer of light, heat and radiation – right next to the black hole.  Together they form a source of energy that is strong enough that it affects the orbits and, in turn, the weather patterns of all the planets in the galaxy.  When the earth comes into the rays of energy radiated by this source, we are more affected by its potency, and when we are away from these rays, we are less affected by them.   These effects can take the form of changes in weather patterns and geological activity.

Sound familiar?  Our galaxy has a powerful radiant source at its center that affects the daily weather patterns of planets (like ours) that are millions of miles away.  Your BODY has a powerful radiant source at its center that affects the daily weather patterns (read: emotions, attitudes, perspectives) of not only yourself but also of other people with whom you come into contact.  Huh!  We know that patterns repeat themselves throughout nature; there are thousands of examples of these repeating patterns that scientists call “fractals.”  Here is but another example…only this example has powerful ramifications for our daily lives, because as yogis, we know we have a huge amount of influence over the quality of the electromagnetic field we are emanating.

To me, it’s empowering to think about being a part of this larger pattern.  Sure, on the one hand it can make you feel very small, when the scope of what we are discussing is the whole universe.  But on the other hand, you have influence in YOUR universe, which consists of you and the other living creatures with whom you interact.  What you do, what you say, how you act, how you think, even your emotional state seems to determine the nature of the electromagnetic field you put out.  You affect your environment simply by existing in it.  And so does everyone else.  They too are part of this larger pattern.  So you’re an individual being radiating a unique electromagnetic pattern.  But everyone is! Which means you are also part of something larger.

Sounds a little Tantric, doesn’t it?  Many yogis come to the mat to explore this very combination – the beautiful interweaving of individual and universal that is us.  And in doing so, we’re replicating and honoring an aspect of the structure of the universe.  That sure sounds important…


~ by bridgetannlyons on January 30, 2011.

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