Yogi Superheroes Week – Nataraja

Such an amazing image and figure this one is!  Shiva, who is Supreme Consciousness, takes human form and dances wildly, making him the “Nataraj” (in Sanskrit, nata = dance, raja = lord) or “Lord of the Dance”.

This image is packed with symbolism, which we talked about on Day 2 of our intensive.  A lot of it is outlined in an excellent article here:


Recall that Shiva has a serene look while dancing ecstatically.  And, he is not just the wild dancing Nataraja, he is also the meditator, sitting peacefully atop Mt. Kailash for thousands of years. He is a “householder” who has children and a wife and also a yogi with a deep practice.  So the qualities we explored with him were:
Ecstasy, Peacefulness, Serenity Amidst Chaos, Balance, Ability to be Outwardly Focused and Inwardly Focused, Giving Fully to the Experience

And he is also the master of the creative process, which consists of Creation, Sustenance, and Dissolution…and we honored all three parts of that process in our practice.

This is one of my favorite kirtans in the world.  Benji and Heather Wertheimer (Shantala) doing their chant to Nataraja.  This is just a sample, unfortunately, but you can buy the song here or we have it on CD at the studio:





~ by bridgetannlyons on July 13, 2011.

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