Yogi Superheroes Day 4 – Kali

Kali is a complex, intense, exciting and frightening figure in Hindu mythology!  Just looking at her image can bring about powerful emotional reactions….

See what I mean!!

The word Kali comes from the Sanskrit word “kala,” which is translated as black, time, and death…and also the translations I prefer – “beyond time” and “beyond reach.”  Kali represents the void – or the fullness, depending on how you look at it – into which all of us will eventually dissolve.  She is beyond manifestation, like black, the color into which all others meld.

This article does an excellent job of summarizing all of the symbols that accompany her in the image above, from the skulls to the hands to the tongue and eyes:


Kali’s ferocity can be invoked anytime we need a little more juice or fire to rise to an occasion or meet a challenge.  That challenge may be in your daily life or on the mat; either way, practicing her intensity in your daily asana from time to time will ensure that it is there when you need it outside the studio!

Kali embraces the full cycle of existence, beginning with creation and ending with destruction.  She knows that all life will end, and she faces that reality and looks it in the eye.  This enables her to be free from it, and to live life to the fullest.  We can also invoke her when we need help letting go of something and moving into a new phase or project.  She’ll remind you that clinging to old patterns or denying the need for change is deception.  Dissolution makes space for new creation.

And Kali has chants too!  Here’s one, performed live by Girish:


And another, by Dave Stringer:


Have fun with her!!!


~ by bridgetannlyons on July 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Yogi Superheroes Day 4 – Kali”

  1. Don’t know how to do this so I will ask here. Could I have permission to use the Kali image on my site. The second one. She is one That is coming soon I feel.


  2. Thank you, and for your words above

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