Yogi Superheroes – Day 5 – Saraswati

This beautiful goddess is in some ways very different from the others we focused on this week.  She carries no weapons, has few demons to fight, and is more steady in her countenance than the others we invoked.  And she offers us a unique opportunity to realize our true nature as part of the river of consciousness.

Her name, “Saraswati,” is composed of two Sanskrit words – “sara,” meaning “flow” (as in “Anusara” – “stepping into the flow of grace”) and “wati,” meaning “woman.”  She is the goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts, and as such is the ultimate conductor of flow or vehicle of creativity.

Her image contains a great deal of symbolism, from her four arms and the talismans they carry to her white, modest dress and lotus flower.  For a good description of each of these symbols, check out this article:


And for more about her complex relationship to Brahma (he is both her creator and her consort!) see this article:


Saraswati is an inspiration to all artists – visual, literary, and musical – as well as those of us who are practicing the art of living well with style and grace.  Her connection to the universal flow and the joy and serenity it brings her are remarkable, and she encourages us to discover the same, by releasing our egos for long enough to allow the flow to move through us.

For me, music helps facilitate this process.  Here’s a kirtan from Dave Stringer that I love, called Saraswati Ma:


Especially for those of us in Teton Valley, heading into a full weekend of music at Targhee Fest, enjoy and merge with the river of sound!



~ by bridgetannlyons on July 15, 2011.

One Response to “Yogi Superheroes – Day 5 – Saraswati”

  1. Merci pour cette histoire de flux avec Saraswati…
    C’est le nom que j’ai choisi pour mon petit chaton…
    Mais elle n’est pas trés sage ! But so cute !

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