Vulnerability redux…teaching in a foreign country?!

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to assist BJ Galvan (longtime Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor and ambassador of love and light in South America) with an Anusara Immersion in Bogotá, Colombia.  BJ started to teach on this continent a number of years ago – first in Ecuador, when an eager student called the Anusara office looking for a teacher.  John Friend, our teacher and founder of Anusara Yoga, suggested to BJ that she go, and seeing an opening to serve, she did.  Someone from Colombia attended the workshop in Ecuador, was bitten by the bug, and just like that – BJ was coming to Colombia.  As word spread about how good folks felt from this yoga practice and how much potential it presented for spreading joy in the Southern Hemisphere, BJ started traveling to other countries as well – Peru, Chile, Argentina.  And as a result, Anusara Yoga is taking off down here.  Pretty remarkable.

Dora Moreinis, owner of YogaStudio Colombia, and BJ Galvan

So I emailed BJ I while ago and basically said, “I speak Spanish, I have lived and traveled in South America, I love the place, and I want to check out the scene.”  She replied something to the effect of  “Cool, buy a ticket and I’ll see you there.”  And somehow I got up the courage to say “right on” and do just that.

If you read my recent post on vulnerability, you’ll know that it’s NOT an easy feeling for me.  Needless to say, I was feeling more than a little vulnerable going into this situation.  I had a lot of questions hanging around in my head and as the trip got closer, the questions got louder.  Could I teach yoga in Spanish?  No wait, could I even understand yoga in Spanish?  Where would I stay?  Would the students in the immersion think I was some random hanger-on?  Would I be able to adequately support BJ in her efforts?  Where’s the studio?  What does it look like?  How do I get there? Why did I decide to do this anyway?  And don’t forget the fact that a lot of Americans seem to think that Colombia is still a third world backwater overrun by drug lords (not true, and I have felt very safe here), so I got a lot of “you’re going WHERE? Are you nuts?”  Not easy stuff to tackle!

Looking back, I realized that in order to get through this, I really just went back to the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment.  Starting, of course, with Open to Grace.  That’s the principle that got me to put the question out there in the first place, and to say “yes” to something I knew in my heart would be amazing.  Muscle Energy.  I engaged that by hugging in to what I know I can do.  By reminding myself that I have been gifted with teachings that I am completely capable of sharing.  By remembering that regardless of what happens I always have people who love and support me.  Inner spiral.  I made the space.  I cleared my schedule and bought the ticket.  Outer spiral.  I grounded myself by getting all the information I could.  I stood strong upon my teaching and travel experience and never allowed myself to question my decision.  And then showing up in Bogotá created the opportunity for Organic Energy – for shining out and spreading the love.  Which of course, felt fantastic and gave me a hit of grace…taking me right back around the wheel to First Principle again.   How cool is that?

That’s why they’re called “Universal” Principles of Alignment.  Right, got it now!

Our Immersion 3 Kula in Bogotá, Colombia



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One Response to “Vulnerability redux…teaching in a foreign country?!”

  1. What a beautiful way you put into words, your experience, your inner struggle, and how we can take our practise “off-the-mat”! I love the courage you empowered yourself with, to be open to your heart. Inspires me to take on my challenges step by step!

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