Lakshmi and Me: A Progress Report

Last time I taught Lakshmi as part of Yogi Superheroes week I wrote a pretty lengthy blogpost  about how I really just didn’t connect with this particular goddess.  And in confessing this, I decided that I needed to get over my hesitation to befriend her.

A handful of months later, I am happy to report that I’ve made progress!  (Phew!)

For starters, I loved the Lakshmi class I taught this morning. Loved it!  Had fun, felt great, and got blasted open by the love and light in the room.  (If you missed it, don’t worry – it’ll be on video soon.)  I’m not entirely sure where that class came from…but I am so thankful that it came through me.  I suspect that all the reading and listening and looking at images I did in the past couple of days really worked to open me up to Lakshmi’s energy and qualities this week.  Today her abundance seemed to be pouring forth from my lips like the cold coins from her hands.  Good stuff!





My experience this morning is an example of the shift I have recently made in my relationship to this goddess.  I am choosing to regard her as a channeller and conductor of energy.  I have this image in my mind of Lakshmi at a busy intersection directing traffic – like those photos you see of English policemen dressed up in their little outfits, whistles in their mouths, signaling cars to go forward, stop, or turn left.  Only Lakshmi’s not wearing black and blue, she’s rocking her red dress, gold bling, and luscious flowing mane of hair.  And she’s directing energy (not cars) through her towards deserving recipients.  The magic of Lakshmi is that she never holds onto this energy – she just takes it in and moves it back out.

Looking at Lakshmi through this lens allows me to let go of the bad taste I get in my mouth when I think of her as the “goddess of wealth and prosperity.”  I have some hang-ups with money, as do a lot of us, and as a result, can’t bring myself to worship a “goddess of money.”  But money and prosperity are not the same thing.  Money and wealth are not the same thing.  And money and abundance – perhaps the best descriptor of Lakshmi’s realm of oversight – are definitely not the same thing.  Prosperity, wealth, and abundance can all be linked to energy.  I feel abundant when energy is flowing my way – in the form of smiles, hugs, kind words, cool coincidences, beautiful moonrises, fortunate encounters, and, yes, money.  When money is flowing my way, it is a sign that I am offering my energy and talents to the world in a way that is needed and appreciated, and the world is giving back to me.  That kind of exchange I can relate to and would like to work to cultivate more of.

A number of prominent social commentators have blamed our recent financial distress on holding – holding money, holding energy.  When the markets started to drop and people got scared, they pulled their funds out of their investments, stopped spending and began to squirrel their money away.  In doing so, they (well, we…I did it too!) brought the economy to a standstill – there was no energy flowing to allow people to work, create, and manifest. These same commentators  encourage us to let go of this grasping pattern, and remember that as money comes in, it should flow back out again.  It’s meant to be out in the world, not stuffed under the mattress.  Now, I’m not advocating that any of us go blow our savings on Manolo Blahniks tomorrow, but I do think it’s worth considering how we can support creative and positive community-nourishing endeavors with the resources that we do have.  And in that process, trust that the gold coins that flow from Lakshmi’s hands will continue to do so.

Lakshmi is a fickle gal, this we know.  When we’re not meeting her standards, she’ll take her abundance elsewhere.  And what are her standards?  I think she wants us to be aligned.  With her – a representation of the Shakti of the universe – and with the spanda or pulsation that is all around us and inside us.  When we’re aligned, we’re not scared and we don’t grasp.  We’re beautiful, like she is, and we receive and give freely, like the energy conductors that we are.

I suspect she gives us little tastes of what being an energy conductor is like on a regular basis.  She gave me one this morning, and it felt so dang EASY.  That experience was my invitation to a life of more ease, more flow, more abundance…an invitation we can only hope I take her up on.  If so, maybe this goddess and I really can spend some time getting to know each other this year.



~ by bridgetannlyons on January 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Lakshmi and Me: A Progress Report”

  1. Bridget- this morning really was a beautiful time. I am really sensing abundance in gratitude flowing through you. Maybe a part of the ease…. any way amazing job! and oh …Thank you.

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