“Total Recall” and the body’s wisdom

Somehow I managed to make it through the 90’s without seeing the infamous Arnold movie, Total Recall.  Thankfully (?) it’s been remade, so I had a chance to see it on the big screen here in 2012.  In fact, I saw it on a VERY big screen – the antique outdoor one at our local historic Spud Drive-In in Driggs, ID.

I’ll be honest: it was not the greatest movie I’ve seen, although my movie-going companion argues that I need to see the original before I pass judgment.  Nevertheless, it provided me with some good food for thought – this time about our oh-so-human habit of forgetting our true nature and our body’s ability to help us remember it.

In case you haven’t seen Total Recall, here’s the quick and dirty:  Douglas Quaid is a factory worker in space (on Mars in the original, at an orbiting outpost in the remake). He’s married, he commutes on a spaceship, and he seems like an average (albeit ripped) guy.  One day he decides to check out this place called Rekall where they instill memories of experiences you’ve never had (but wish you did) into your brain. While he’s there, however, all hell breaks loose as the establishment is attacked by a small army of bad guys. Our hero manages to take on all of them single-handedly. Serious butt-kicking ensues, and no one left standing.  So much for the average guy factory worker!  The rest of the movie is devoted to Douglas’s attempt to figure out who he really is and to the additional butt-kicking once he discovers his true identity as a community warrior.

So what does this have to do with yoga??  Well, here’s the thing:  Douglas forgot his true nature – to the point of not being able to remember his name, his girlfriend’s face, or his life mission.  Granted, his forgetfulness was assisted by the bad guys who manipulated his brain and memories, but still – we all have this experience all the time.  We’re assisted in our forgetting by stress.  Conflict.  Fear.  Lack of resources.  Loneliness.  Separation.  All those demons that seem to tell us we’re unworthy, that we’re just a name and a social security number and a job title and nothing more.

The crux in Total Recall is that even though Douglas’ mind lost its way, his body didn’t!  At Rekall he has no idea who he is, but his body takes over and cuts down the bad guys with a vengeance.  His body knows he’s a fighter, and his body even seems to know what he’s fighting for, and how passionately he’s committed to it.  It’s almost as though his cells contain the knowledge of his core identity.

I, for one, think that the ticket.   I’m sure that our bodies vibrate with the knowledge that we are made of love and light.  Yes, we take on human forms and identities to navigate, experience, and enjoy this world, but we are so much more than the tasks we complete in a day.  If our bodies know this, tapping into them is all we have to do to get a shot of remembrance.  How do we tap in?  Through the practice of yoga, of course!  When we move on the mat we abandon the distractions of daily life and connect with our essential nature.  It only a takes a few poses before the combination of breathwork and movement release the deep knowledge of who we are..  Petty problems shrink into the background, important relationships and missions come to the forefront.  Clarity and equanimity result. And that feels good, plain and simple, whether you’re a movie superhero or the Wonder Woman of your family.


~ by bridgetannlyons on August 29, 2012.

2 Responses to ““Total Recall” and the body’s wisdom”

  1. Nice post, Bridget! Now I need to see the movie.

  2. love this post and i also saw this movie..i did not see the original one either. i find that through doing yoga i can hear my body not just more in my practice but also in my daily life..which is a blessing because i was disconnected from it for along time. the reconnecting process was interesting and kind of painful because again it was really about cleaning out the mental clutter and my own energy field in a sense…and taking back my energy and power and creating healthy boundaries. and learning the language of my inner world and trusting that the body can tell us what we need and when we need it…for me it was about trusting the message or bigger then that trusting myself! a beautiful thing.

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