Where Has She Been?

I haven’t written in this blog in almost a year, as some of you may have noticed.

I’ve been taking a break from teaching yoga (although not from my personal practice) for over six months now, so I haven’t had much to say that fits well on a yoga blog.  I’m not sure when, if ever, I’ll go back to teaching; I had a long hard breakup with the business of yoga and am taking some space from it.  I suspect that my relationship with the world of yoga will, like all relationships, heal after some time away.  Or not…who knows.

In the meantime, I still have plenty to say!  In fact, as I have started to write more about my travels and explorations (other activities I am passionately committed to), I am realizing that I am, in fact, examining and musing on a lot of the same ideas that I poked at in my yoga blog – just via a different channel, through a different set of sunglasses.  That’s fun to see unfolding.

So, you might be interested in the blog I recently started to serve as a platform for these new writings – it’s called “exploraspective” and is hosted right here on WordPress.  I’d be honored if you checked it out.

Thanks for your past support.  Practice with passion, and go easy on yourselves.



~ by bridgetannlyons on February 18, 2015.

One Response to “Where Has She Been?”

  1. This is great Bridget, so nice to hear from you and I love your new blog. I totally hear you about burning out on the whole business of yoga and teaching yoga, it is good to move on and expand- you will always be a teacher and no doubt you may one day find yourself teaching yoga again, but I am sure you will do great things. xo N

    Natalie Rousseau ~ Living Yoga http://www.natalierousseau.com Retreats ~ Workshops ~ Teacher Training ~ Online

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