About Bridget Lyons

Bridget Lyons Yoga


Bridget’s mission is to foster strong bodies, open hearts, and lifestyles aligned to purpose.

Bridget, a Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor, took a winding and exploratory path towards the teaching of yoga.  She first started practicing yoga in 2001 when chronic lower back pain forced her to stop teaching technical and outdoor skills on extended backpacking, skiing, and kayaking wilderness expeditions.  In 2003, Bridget was introduced to Anusara Yoga and found that the Universal Principles of Alignment, along with a solid understanding of anatomy and some good old-fashioned discipline freed her from pain and gave her tools to prevent injury in both her yoga practice and her athletic pursuits.  In 2007, Bridget and Cate Stillman purchased YogaTejas, their studio in Driggs, ID, from their friend and teacher, Sundari Lucey, and Bridget began her teacher training process in earnest.  She received her Anusara Certification in 2010.  She teaches three to six public yoga classes per week along with private classes, regional weekend yoga workshops, and online courses.

Bridget’s mountain lifestyle is an important expression of her values.  She loves the natural environment that is the backdrop of Idaho’s Teton Valley, and she thrives on exploring it through the activities she is able to pursue there.  Bridget is an avid cross-country and downhill mountain biker as well as a telemark and skate skiier.  In the past, she has traveled the world running class 3 and 4 whitewater rivers, and she swam competitively and played NCAA water polo.  Bridget’s anthropology degree from Harvard and her extensive travels fostered in her an interest in other cultures and languages.  She lived and worked in both Mexico and Chile, and, as a fluent Spanish-speaker, has recently been assisting with Bilingual Immersions and Teacher Trainings in Latin America.  She chose to live in a community where kula and integrity are crucially important both inside and outside the studio.

Each twist and turn in this journey has contributed to Bridget’s teaching style and depth of asana practice. With 17 years of experience teaching everything from 5th grade to whitewater rafting to Spanish, Bridget is proud of her ability to articulate concepts and actions to a diversity of audiences.  Her commitment to athletic expression has fostered a thorough knowledge of anatomy and deep awareness of injury prevention and healing techniques.

Most importantly, Bridget sees yoga as yet another way to explore the world – in this case, the interior world – the place where mind, body, and spirit fuse.  She believes that through this exploration, each of us can discover and articulate an individual life purpose.  Recently she has been developing a series of online courses dedicated to uncovering and aligning with this purpose.  She has been incredibly curious about the variety of paradigms available for self-exploration (e.g. mythology, energy work, and Jungian archetypes) and has been studying them to so as to interweave them with asana for everyone’s benefit.

Bridget loves to think and write about all manner of conscious living topics, and this blog is the playroom for that process…….


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